Bosnian put in Quarantine on Luxurious Cruiser because of Coronavirus


One citizen of Bosnia-Herzegovina is on a Diamond Princess cruiser where he is in quarantine because of coronavirus, according to Bosnian Foreign Ministry. BH citizen is a crew member of this cruiser.

All passengers have to remain quarantined for the next 14 days, as ten of them have been confirmed positive on coronavirus. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia confirmed yesterday that the cruiser was also attended by 14 Serbian citizens, 12 staff members and two passengers.

This cruiser also has one Montenegrin citizen, as well as six Croats. Drazenka Malicbegovic, a contact person for International Health Regulations with the World Health Organization, told Avaz news portal that BH citizen is not among the infected persons.

“He’s under observation but not infected. We received information today on the number of confirmed cases and from which country. This is not our country,”  Malicbegovic explained.

She could not reveal the identity of this person because the information was protected, however, this person is in contact with the BiH Embassy in Japan. The cruiser, with 3,700 passengers, returned from Hong Kong and is in the Japanese port of Yokohama after confirming that passengers had viral pneumonia.



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