Bosnian Prosecutors Office: Purchased Respirators cannot be used in Intensive Care in Clinical Centers


The Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina announced on Monday that the expert’s finding established that the purchased respirators do not have even the minimum necessary essential characteristics for adequate treatment of patients in intensive care units, which include patients with COVID-19.All respirators in the case were located, recorded and expert expertise was performed, Klix.ba news portal reports.

“Therefore, the use of these respirators in intensive care units is not recommended,” the state prosecutor’s office said. The team of prosecutors of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH, since the beginning of work on the case, on May 4 this year, when the Prosecutor’s Office took over the case, has taken a number of necessary actions to determine all the circumstances of this procurement and intensive work continues daily.

Through the Institute of International Legal Assistance, all necessary data and information on the procurement in question have been obtained and are being obtained, expertise and documentation examinations are being performed and the prosecutorial team is in daily and constant contact with police and security agencies working with the case.

This information finally gave an answer to the question that the FUCZ and “Silver Raspberry” did not want to answer for days – for what level of use are Chinese respirators, which were paid 10.5 million BAM.

From the beginning, it was speculated that these respirators were intended for use in ambulances, and not in intensive care in clinical centers and hospitals.


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