Bosnian Presidency Member welcomes Decision on Local Elections


Member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Zeljko Komsic welcomed the decision of the Central Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina to hold the elections.

Komsic stated that holding the elections in November is realistic, considering that the pandemic slowed down that dynamic, and in a month, politically speaking, no one will lose or gain anything.

He also commented about Dodik’s and Covic’s attacks in connection with challenging the legitimacy of the Central Election Commission.

“They do not find the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina legitimate, let alone the Central Election Commission, which is not run by either of them. However, the logic in which there are no Dodik and Covic, there is no Bosnia and Herzegovina, is only theirs, and not the logic of the majority of BiH citizens, nor the way how the institutions are functioning,” said Komsic.


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