Bosnian Postal Operators completely suspended all Types of Shipments to China


Due to the increasing number of people infected with coronavirus worldwide, as well as the cancellation of flights to China, Bosnian postal operators have completely suspended all types of shipments to China by March 1st this year.

According to BH Post, the reason for the cancellation is the inability to send the packages by air because of the cancellation of the flights.

On the other hand, the delivery, processing and delivery of postal items originating in China have not been suspended.

The Post Office of China has received an order to disinfect all postal items originating or in transit through the Wuhan processing center, the center of the coronavirus epidemic.

“We have information that the airlines “Lufthansa”, “British Airways”, “Air France”, “American Airlines” and “Turkish Airlines” have suspended flights to China and from China, and therefore the traffic of international shipments from China is expected to decrease,” was stated from BH Post.

They add that in the coming period they will inform users of postal traffic in order to be as informed as possible about the new situation caused by the spread of coronaviruses.

“We also expect World Postal Union announcements that will be transmitted to the public in a timely manner,” was concluded from BH Post.



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