Bosnian Police arrests One Person who attempted to Smuggle Thirteen Migrants from Bangladesh


Members of the Dobrljin Border Police Unit have arrested a person of E. B. initials (1980), a citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina, after he attempted to smuggle 13 illegal migrants from BiH to the Republic of Croatia at a location in Kostajnica on Sunday.

Two other persons were involved in the smuggling of migrants as well, but they escaped in an unknown direction when they saw members of the Bosnian Border Police.

Illegal migrants, including minors, were smuggled in three vehicles. None of the illegal migrants possessed identification documents, and in a conversation with officials, they stated that they came from Bangladesh.

According to the order of the Prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH, due to the existence of grounds for suspicion that the criminal offense of “smuggling of persons” has been committed, a report on the criminal offense against E. B. will be submitted to that institution. The vehicle and other evidence were temporarily confiscated, is stated in the press release by the Bosnian Border Police.

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