Bosnian Osman Samouk celebrated his 101st Birthday

June 19, 2018 12:00 PM

The Mayor of the Municipality Novi Grad Sarajevo, Semir Efendic, visited one of the oldest residents of this municipality, grandpa Osman Samouk, who celebrated his 101st birthday.

He celebrated his 101st birthday surrounded by his closest family members, daughters and grandchildren in a happy and pleasant atmosphere in the settlement Brijesce.

On that occasion, Mayor Efendic congratulated Osman’s birthday, and he handed over a modest birthday present to him with best wishes for good health.

“Grandpa Osman lived a nice life, and his health is good. He was born in the time of the October revolution in Russia. We hang out with him today, and besides some smaller issues with his vision and hearing, he understands everything, so we had a really nice talk. I noticed that the reason for his long life is most probably hidden in the fact that he is so loved by his closest people, which we could see during our visit. That love created a very special and comfortable ambience for him. An interesting fact is that he is not using any medicines at the age of 101,” said Mayor Efendic.

Grandpa Osman was born in the village of Vejzagici near Gorazde back in 1917, where he lived until the beginning of the aggression in BiH. He spent most of his life in the army, wars, as well as working in the woods and on the construction works. And besides smaller issues with his vision and hearing, his health still serves him well.

After the World War II in 1945, Osman married Rahima Adilovic, with whom he got three daughters, Osmana, Behija and Hadzira, who are now taking care of him.

His eldest daughter Osmana, who was named after him, is mostly taking care of him since 2000. Grandpa Osman is spending his old days with a smile on his face and surrounded by his grandchildren and grand-grandchildren.

When asked what is his recipe for long life, grandfather Osman said that the most important is healthy diet.

Grandpa Osman remembers his young and military days the most, and besides his daughters, he also has 6 grandchildren and 13 grand-grandchildren and he feels happy surrounded by them.








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