Bosnian Nail Cemalovic is a Physician at the Intensive Care Unit at Lincoln Medical Center in New York


About a month ago, people infected with coronavirus began arriving in huge rows at New York hospitals, forming the largest outbreak of a pandemic in the United States.

Health workers are now forced to rebuild their health systems, medical practices, private lives, The New York Times reports.

A prominent newspaper asked the doctors the question “what would you say to yourself in early March so that you can go back in time”, that is, how would you fight pandemic?

One of the doctors who spoke on the subject was Bosnian Nail Cemalovic, who works in this American city, Avaz news portal reports.

“What we thought we knew, we don’t know,” said Cemalovic, a physician at the intensive care unit at Lincoln Medical Center in the New York Bronx. Nail was born in Velika Kladusa, and in these difficult days is among the frontline doctors in the fight against coronavirus in New York.

New York is the hardest hit by coronavirus in the US. According to the New York Mag, more than 213,000 people are infected with the virus in New York and at least 11,586 have died.



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