Bosnian MMA Fighter celebrated his largest Victory with BiH Scarf

Mirsad Bektic, a fighter from Srebrenica, achieved the greatest success in his MMA career by winning against Ricardo Lamas. In this way, he qualified in the Top 10 fighters in his category.

An interesting fact is that Bektic celebrated his large victory in Chicago with the scarf of BiH wrapped around his neck.

Although he was four places below the seventh-placed Lamas, Bektic entered this fight as a favourite, and he justified that title with a great performance at the end. He noticed that the strength will be his largest advantage in this fight already at the beginning and he used every opportunity to use this advantage. Lamas had his chances, he also fought well. It is possible to understand why one of the judges ruled in his favour, but Bektic was much better, especially when it comes to the control of the fight.

The fighters started the fight with a fierce tempo, but they ended up in a clinch after a minute, where Lamas worked well with his knees, but Bektic managed to control the fence. However, they split up in the middle of the round and they fought again in the middle of the ring, where Bektic’s kick sent Lamas to the floor.

The second round also offered a fierce tempo and a lot of action, during which Bektic led the fight to the fence once again, where he controlled Lamas for some time.

Two judges decided to give 29:28 to each fighter, or 2: 1 in rounds, while the third judge decided that Bektic was better in all three rounds and gave him 30:27, which is the score that brought the biggest victory in the career to this great fighter. Bektic is now in the top 10 fighters in his category for sure. He showed great strength and tactics in this fight, as well as some of disadvantages that he will have to deal with in the upcoming months. Coach Firas Zahabi probably already prepared a plan on fixing everything that could be better in the next fight.



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