Bosnian Mira Radielovic Ricardel to work in Trump’s Administration

The US President Donald Trump named Mira Radielovic Ricardel as the Deputy Security Adviser to John Bolton.

Mira (59), an American Croat born in BiH, is coming from the State Department where she worked in the department for defense and trade. She is a renown, long-standing member of the Republican Party and she also played an important role in the presidential campaign of Donald Trump.

Mira Ricardel is a daughter of Petar Radielovic from Breza, who emigrated to the US after the World War II back in 1956.

She graduated from international relations and national security. Moreover, she entered high politics as an assistant and translator of Republican senator Robert Bob Dole in the early 1990’s, during the war that took place in the former Yugoslavia.

She visited BiH and other regional countries on several occasions with the Senator Dole.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)



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