Bosnian Ministry of Security will work to create an Environment for more efficient Operation of Police Agencies


Director of the Directorate for Coordination of Police Bodies of Bosnia-Herzegovina Mirsad Vilic and his deputy Ivica Bosnjak met on Tuesday with the Minister of Security Fahrudin Radoncic.

During the meeting, Vilic presented the realized activities that marked the past period, as well as future planned activities, which also concern the improvement of material and technical capacities and training of police officers.

The interlocutors also discussed the challenges faced by police officers in carrying out regular tasks and the modalities of improving working conditions.

Minister Radoncic expressed his satisfaction with the achieved results of the Directorate and gave his full support in further work and future planned activities in accordance with the strategic documents of the Directorate.

He stressed that the Bosnian Ministry of Security will work to create an environment for more efficient operation of police agencies in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

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