Bosnian Mateja Lovric is helping Students to be beautiful on their Prom Night for free

January 31, 2018 11:00 AM

Preparations for prom night mean huge costs for parents of many students all over the country and some of them are not able to allocate significant amounts of money for that important day.

This is why young hairdresser from Mostar, Mateja Lovric, decided to organize an action for the third year in a row in which she provides everything necessary for the graduates and she does all of that for free.

“We are all aware of hard times that we live in from our birth, through education to employment. Therefore, I have decided to make the prom night unforgettable for some graduates who are in a more difficult financial situation because unfortunately, a prom night costs around two of our average salary, which is a lot in our country,” said this 21-year-old girl from Mostar.

Last year, she focused on Herzegovina-Neretva Canton, but her action was spread on the entire BiH, and she helped over 100 graduates with the support of her parents and closest friends.

Gowns, jewellery and suits, which she forwards, are sent by people from all over BiH. Girls from Mostar are coming to her home address and they choose what they like, and she sends the others by mail.

The costs, as she says, are not a problem for her because the smile of a happy graduate is what matters to her the most.

Everything happens anonymously, the privacy of graduates is not disturbed in any way. Mateja Lovric noted that the graduates appreciate this a lot and that she even became friends with many of them.








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