Bosnian makes Unique Jewelry from Zippers! (Photo)

[wzslider autoplay=”true”] Handmade jewelry always makes women happy, because it is a unique piece that adorns the body or head. It is made of different materials, and Suana Krijestorac-Barukcic from Sarajevo must be the first in our country who started to make jewelry from zippers.

She started realizing this unusual idea two years ago. She, like every woman, she always loved and wanted to have jewelry pieces that are different from the normal ones that you can see on women every day.

“I wanted something that no one else had, something unique and special. So I started making them for myself, first hairbands and brooches. After the first pieces made from other materials, my sister mentioned that maybe I could make a ring for her, made of zipper. Creating this ring was a major challenge, however, while solving this, I realized that zipper is quite handy material from which you can make more simple, as well as demanding creations,” said Krijestorac-Barukcic.

Then she launched the brand called Maoo which attracts an increasing number of women. Among her creations are rings, earrings, barrettes, brooches, necklaces, bags, and much more. She noted that she does not even know where her inspiration is coming from. Her creations starts when she sits, takes her materials and starts doing them.

“Meanwhile, I slowly start making picture of the final look of the pieces that I make in my head.  I sometimes draw a sketch on the paper for some more demanding forms of necklaces before I start creating,” she said.

Her jewelry can be worn with different outfits from casual ones to elegant ones, and it is suitable for people of all ages.

“So far I have made jewelry for more or less all age groups, from children’s hairbands and hairpins to extravagant necklaces for women of different ages. The most common reaction is a surprise when they realize that it is made of zipper and they are thrilled when they get a compliment. Most often they say that it is creative, unique and imaginative,” said Krijestorac-Barukcic.

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