Bosnian makes modern Fes and preserves the Tradition

December 31, 2017 2:00 PM

Historian and fashion designer Esma Imsirpasic from Travnik is working in her workshop whenever she finds some free time and she makes fes (traditional Bosnian hat that men wore during the period of Ottomans in BiH), which now can only be seen on folklore ensembles as a part of their traditional clothing.

The use of fes in this area is dating back from the beginning of the 18th century and it was mostly used by men, as well as women in various forms.

She noted that as a historian she believes that it is important to preserve traditional items, and that women in BiH have always worn something on their heads.

“In this way, we wanted to stop the practice that only folklore ensembles wear fes and to return fes on the streets. I’m convinced that fes is something that will be worn and that mother will be leaving to their daughters as inheritance. Fes has no deadline,” said Imsirpasic.

She also noted that she is the only person who is making fes in BiH and she offers a unique product on the market. Imsirpasic also noted that she is taking care of preserving the traditional identity of fes, but she also modifies it, according to customer’s demands.

“My goal is to make young generations more interested in tradition and to further strengthen their awareness of preservation of that tradition,” stated Imsirpasic.




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