Bosnian made a Donation of over Thousand Blankets, Pillows, Jackets for the Ones in Need

December 12, 2018 9:00 AM

With the help of the Cincinnati Police Department, Ilija “Rocky” Rokvic made a donation Tuesday of more than 1,000 coats, blankets, pillows and jackets which officers will deliver to those in need.

Rokvic, the director of operations for R.I.W. Ornamental Metal, Inc., immigrated to the U.S. from Germany after he and his family left Bosnia to escape from the Bosnian War. When he arrived at CVG, he said he only knew how to say “OK” and “thank you.”

After Rokvic arrived, he said he got a lot of help from the community in getting his business started, and that is why he is making this donation.

Rokvic said he feels good about the donation, and he hopes this, as well as the other donations he has made, will help the community that helped him throughout the years.

“I believe in karma,” Rokvic said. “If you do good, God will return all good you are doing… I got lots of luck, and I got lots of people helping me be where I am today,” WCPO reports.


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