Have you seen and bought Bosnian Handicrafts already? (Gallery)

August 20, 2016 3:30 PM

[wzslider autoplay=”true”] NGO “Bosanske rukotvorine/Bhcrafts”, with the financial support of the Municipality of Centar in Sarajevo and support of the BBI Center, organized a street performance “Little School of knitting and crocheting in the open air,” last Friday in front of the BBI Center.

Attendees had the opportunity to watch two representatives of Bhcrafts, who knitted and crocheted some of the products that literally conquered the world in recent years on the “open stage”.

The attendees could ask questions, participate in the workshop, which is designed as interactive, and all of that with the aim of raising public awareness about the importance of preserving traditional skills of handmade pieces and breaking the belief that “handmade can not be modern.”

Knitting and crocheting “on the scene” showed the complexity of this type of production, spent time and energy to audience and tried to change the awareness of the value of these techniques. What in our mentality (at least in most cases) is seen as worthless, in Western countries is seen as very valuable and respected, as said from the Bhcrafts.

Exhibition of the most representative Bhcrafts products was aimed to show that handmade can and should be usable, beautiful and modern. With the exhibited products audience could see and take a brochure that clearly indicate the direct connection of tradition (whether the technique, color or pattern) and Bhcrafts products, which are currently one of the most effective promoters of BH cultural heritage and traditions abroad.

(Source: klix.ba)



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