Bosnian jumped in cold Neretva River in March! (video)

April 1, 2019 10:00 AM

It was not a popular jump on head, also known in Bosnia and Herzegovina s “lasta” but a jump to the feet, but in any case, congratulations on the courage of this jumper!

The jumping season of the Old Bridge in Mostar seems to have already begun.

On his Instagram profile, journalist Aleksandar Trifunovic, released footage of the bridge from the Old Bridge.

This bridge, just like the Old Town, is under the protection of UNESCO, and is often cited as one of the most beautiful bridges in the world. The shape of the bridge itself also has its own story, it is said that it represents life … that the bridge represents one-half of the circle, and its reflection in water is the other half of the circle, and this whole picture represents life. It is a stage at which Mostarian young men prove their courage by jumping in Neretva, and it is a kind of maturity exam. The tradition of jumping is 451 years old.

Mostarian jumps are the most important tourist event and brand for Mostar and all of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and during the times of traditional jumps from the Old Bridge the city of Mostar is the most visited. That day, tourists from all over the world are inevitable guests of this pearl. Thus, on July 30, on the day of the 451st traditional jumping from the Old Bridge, Mostar will be the center of the world.

The jumpers will try their luck in jumping on their feet, but they will perform popular flight of swallows as well, from the most beautiful platform in the world, on the last Sunday in July. This year, as in previous years, participants will certainly come from all countries of the former Yugoslavia. However, most of the jumpers will be from Mostar.

Look at his jump…


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