Bosnian is looking for her Brother Alen who disappeared 32 Years ago

June 7, 2018 7:00 AM

Three-year-old boy Alen disappeared from the backyard of a family house in the village of Bilmisce in Zenica 32 years ago. His sister Lamija and his family never stopped searching for him and they believe that he was kidnapped and taken to Italy.

The search for Alen is still ongoing, and members of his family are convinced that they are close to find him after they talked with a family from Mostar who had a similar experience.

On that day, little Alen was in the backyard with his brother Adnan and his cousin Aldin. Alen disappeared when they left to take a sandwich. The family believes that he was taken by an unknown vehicle that was parked in a settlement that day.

“There was an unknown Volvo with the black registration plates parked near the family house on Bilmisce on that day. When the vehicle disappeared, so did Alen. There is no possibility that he drowned, because the divers were searching the riverbed of Bosna River for a whole month and the level of water was low. While searching for Alen, my father came to the beginning of the Wooden Bridge which was under the construction then and one of the workers had Alen’s ball in his hand. They said that someone threw it out of a car. I was born a year after him, and I got involved in the search in high school,” said Lamija.

After she took part in the Seminar on Human Trafficking, she shared her personal experiance and continued investigation with the then editor of the Arena newspaper, Sasa Lekovic. He introduced her to Branko Lazarevic who is actively leading the search, and he writes texts about Alen and talks about him in all shows.

They translated the appeal of search into Italian language with the aim to facilitate the search and inform the public in Italy about Alen’s disappearance, and it was shared on Facebook by many people from Croatia, Slovenia, Italy and other countries.

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