Bosnian Ironman organizes Humanitarian Mission for the Reconstruction of Playground

Mladen Nedic from Tuzla is officially the first Bosnian with the title of Triple Ironman. This Ironman swam, ran and rode a 677.8 kilometre long trail at the World Championship in Triple Triathlon that took place in Lensahn. He is donating his kilometers for the construction of playground in the settlement of Sjenjak in Tuzla.

In co-operation with the Foundation of Tuzla Community, Nedic started a project of the reconstruction of a playground in the settlement Sjenjak, and everyone interested can buy his kilometres.

The price of one kilometre is 50 BAM, and he collected half of the required amount so far, i.e. 15,000 BAM.

Nedic said that he got the idea of reconstruction while walking through this playground every day and seeing children from Tuzla play on old contents.

As noted by the Foundation of Tuzla Community, the campaign for the reconstruction of the playground will be continued until the end of the month of August this year, and everyone interested can still buy his kilometres.

“Our main goal is to collect a total of 30,000 BAM in order to make these children happy and give them a playground that contains everything needed for them to play safely. Every purchased kilometre is getting us closer to our goal,” as noted from the Foundation of Tuzla Community.

Donations, i.e. 50 BAM for one kilometre, can be paid to the account of the Foundation of Tuzla Community in NLB Bank: 1321 0020 0707 4926, with indication “For Bosnian Ironman”.

(Source: A. K./Klix.ba)



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