Bosnian Innovators awarded with Two Gold Medals in Istanbul!

Bosnian innovators Faik Berberovic, for “Pyramidal Carbon Dust Carburetor” and prof. dr. Zehrudin Osmanovic, for “Removing Coke Gas Deposits” were awarded gold medals at the “Fourth Istanbul International Innovation Exhibition”.

With universal applicability, the innovations are intended to be used first in the metallurgical basin of Tuzla Canton.

The silver medal was given to Borko Babalj from city of Trebinje, for a fruit preparation that dissolves, decomposes, virtually destroys gluten.

Master of Biological Sciences Nadja Zubcevic, from Sarajevo, received a bronze medal for the “Antibacterial toilet bowl lid”, which, up to 99.8 percent, destroys the bacteria that “nest” there and transmit to humans.

Innovation “Handheld Bag Filling Machine” by Sasenko Sadikovic, from Ljubuski, was awarded with special recognition by the Association of Innovators of the Kingdom of Morocco.

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