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Bosnian Haris Arnautovic attended One of the most influential Gatherings of Professionals

One of the most influential gatherings of professionals in the world, two universities, three cities, four days of learning and exploring and numerous inspirational individuals- this was just part of my professional development tour across Georgia and North & South Carolina with my friend, colleague and mentor, Eddie (Edhem) Čustović. I have to say that this trip has changed how I view the world and has motivated me to work harder, Haris Arnautovic starts his story.

During the trip, we met many Bosnians and Herzegovinians from all around the region; distinguished professionals who are working in companies such as Bank of America, UCB and Michelin. It was a great honour to meet them and discuss the future of our country, project opportunities and collaborations. Their knowledge and the love they feel for our country are the keys for building a new and prosperous system.

Worth emphasising is that we also met two of the Foundation’s mentors, Almasa Bass and Hamdija Čustović. Both of them welcomed us warmly and we finally got the chance to thank them for their awesome work and effort they made for the Foundation and the youth of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Besides the mentors, we got to know one of the Foundation’s webinar speakers as well, Rey Elenteny. who was Futures Webinar Series speaker on the topic of “Building Software That Endures

Part of my professional development tour was also the visit of two highly ranked universities in the US, Duke University and North Carolina State University.We met Dr. Greg Byrd, head of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of NC State University, who honored us with a tour through the Engineering building and described to us how studying engineering at NC State looks like.

My trip concluded with attending the IEEE Meeting Series June 2019 in Atlanta. The IEEE Meeting Series takes place three times per year and comprises a series of administrative meetings of the IEEE Board of Directors, the major organizational unit (OU) boards, and the various standing committees of both the IEEE Board and OUs. It was truly intriguing to attend this event and to talk to the brightest minds that our world can offer. I learned a lot, but for a young professional like myself, just being around and talking to these people was fulfilling and mind-changing.

Also, during my stay in Atlanta I had the great opportunity to assist IEEE Industry Engagementin raising the awareness of the public and professionals on how certain IEEE initiatives and activities are industry-engaging and how they affect our daily lives. My experience also included recording short interviews with various IEEE Presidents and Chairs on how are their activities industry-engaging.


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