Bosnian Football Player helps a Girl who lost Her Parents

valeriya_salihovic_bildThe fate of 22-year-old Valeriya from Berlin, who lost her parents during the horrific attack on a Christmas market in the German capital city, made millions of people sad and eager to somehow help this girl.

The famous newspaper Bild published a story of a girl who is left alone for nearly a month, and who is slowly getting used to life without both parents, after which the help started coming from all sides.

A touching story of a girl who is trying to find a balance between life and sadness and feels abandoned by the state, touched many people, including BH football player Sejad Salihovic, who decided to help this girl.

“Valeriya’s story really motivated me and I had to find a way to help her somehow. And I usually love to help people if I find myself in a situation that I can help,” said Salihovic, the former player of Hertha and Hoffenheim, as reported by Bild.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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