Bosnian Elma Begovic is a Star of Horror Movies


Canadian actress with BH roots, Elma Begovic, recently finished shooting of the movie “Tear Us Apart”, in which she plays the main role.

The movie will be premiered in 2017, and all of those who would like to watch her previous acting performances, can watch movies Bite, Save Yourself or Visitor. Judging by her previous engagements, Elma’s specialty are horror movies, which is evidenced by the great reviews of film workers and several awards for the best actress.

Elma Begovic was born in 1989 in Bijeljina. She spent the war with her family in Berlin. Although they returned to BiH after the war, their final decision was to go to Canada where they live today.

Elma is very attached to BiH, and she says that she came to visit her family and friends almost every summer, but this year, she will have to make an exception, due to numerous commitments and obligations. Her acting ambitions started in early childhood, when she and her twin sister were organizing theater for other children and parents. This is why she enrolled in acting classes and came to Toronto where she is visiting auditions and following her dreams.

“So far I have played in several movies, mostly horror / thriller genre. Last year’s movie “Bite” achieved great success at the international level, and I received several awards for the best actress. For me, the horror movies are so interesting because, as the actress, I have an opportunity to relax, to play on the set as a child. I think that many people like to watch horror movies. However, I must admit that, as many other actors, I would like to play in some other genres as well,” said Elma.

Elma is trying to follow BiH film scene. “I love to watch movies in my native language and in my opinion, European films are always so open and advanced when it comes to the topics and acting. One of my favorite movies is “Grbavica”. Director Jasmila Zbanic is one of those people who can create the magic and catharsis and take us into the world of Esma in a simple and humane way,” said Elma.

She is hoping to spend the next summer in our country and to attend the Sarajevo Film Festival.


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