A Bosnian earned Million in Switzerland, and invested in an Ethno Village in BiH

A museum ethno village near Banja Luka hides the secret of life in the old times. Authentic houses from surrounding villages, several hundred years old, were transferred to Ljubacevo. There is a garden where the plants defend themselves from insects with nettle leaves, snake tying is still alive, and precious and semi-precious stones are preserved.

When you enter through those doors, you’re not in the 21st century. You return to the time of mountain village in Krajina.

“These are convulsions. The prunes have another part. If I only sit and knit, I can do both in about an hour,” Silvana Brankovic from Ethno village Ljubacevo said. It’s a much longer process to make jam out of small, pesticide-free and sweet plums.

“We have to put them on leather and leave them overnight. We then cook them for hours so they come up to about half of the pot. Then we stir them. We need about half a day to cook it,” Jadranka Brankovic said.

At the clearing is a mountain household at the beginning of the 20th century. Everything good – newborns, brides, guests – came into the east door of the cabin and everything that was bad left through the west door. There are several surrounding facilities.

“That’s a building for sleeping. Married couples were given it. After getting married, a young man gets it and he lives there with his wife,” Nedeljko Brankovic said.

There is also a blacksmith shop, a carpentry shop, pharmacy and a barber shop there.

“Here, you can find out how people lived but it’s also close to us. At my grandparents’, it wasn’t the same but there are a lot of similarities.



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