Bosnian donated her Money for Prom Dress to Charity

Nikolina Subic is a graduate of the High School of Agriculture and Medicine in Brcko. This smart girl participated at numerous competitions and achieved success, and this time she delighted her town with her humanity.

She decided to give her money for her prom dress to charity.

“I came up with this idea when I saw how many people are suffering, and I would love to help and contribute even more. I decided to donate it to father of Teodor Lakic because money was intended for Teodor himself at first, but he unfortunately passed away. Regardless of this tragedy, I never gave up from giving donation to that house, too someone who really need it,” said Nikolina.

“I did not want to give my money on a dress that I would wear once, just for a walk. This way, I helped someone who actually needed my help. I am very proud of myself, I managed to do everything as I wanted,” said this hardworking girl.

This is not the first humanitarian action that Nikolina did. She already participated in the action of the association “Beba više (One more baby) together with her friends”.

(Source: faktor.ba)



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