Bosnian discovers a New Miraculous Medicine treating Diabetes and Cancer

Trodameskin, a new miraculous medicine that melts fat and calcite from the arteries after a single use, has been recently invented in the laboratory of Dr. Mirela Delibegovic (41), who is originally from Tuzla with a current address in Aberdeen, Scotland.

The medicine is successful in treating type 2 diabetes and breast cancer.

Dr. Mirela and her young, but a very enthusiastic team of 12 scientists, have discovered the potential that this medicine has and where they can use it.

“The medicine is currently in the stage of clinical trials, i.e. in the second stage when it comes to diabetes and the first phase in breast cancer, so we are expecting that our research will speed up the process,” said Dr. Delibegovic.

Delibegovic also stated that the praise for her team came from all over the world and from important people in this field of pharmacology, but praise is not what the scientist is looking for.

“The point of the whole story when it comes to scientists in my field is to find a cure for a disease that currently has no cure. My dream has always been that precise process from the laboratory to human use. When I see people using the medicine – my dream will become real. I am definitely on the path to achieve it,” stated Delibegovic.

Dr. Mirela Delibegovic was born in Tuzla and she left BiH back in 1994 due to the war in our country. She finished high school in Edinburgh, Scotland, after which she graduated from the university in pharmacology in the same city, and she completed her doctoral studies in Dundee after four years.

She finished her postdoctoral studies on one of the most prestigious universities in the world – Harvard, where she spent an additional four years. After that, she got a position at Aberdeen and she is working as a professor for two years now.


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