Bosnian defended his Doctorate at Oxford University!

jungicBosnians and Herzegovinians around the world are making important and generally positive stories. They found themselves around the world by force of circumstances, and a lot of them quickly adapted to the new environment and started recording success. Ozren Jungic from Banja Luka is part of this large positive B&H story and a living proof that great talents are born in this region.

He defended his doctoral thesis on the topic of wars in former Yugoslavia last month.

“When I decided on postgraduate studies it seemed natural to explore historical topics related to the former Yugoslavia, because that was the topic that I already knew a lot about and I wanted to study it more in details,” said this modest young man.

Jungic said that defense of doctorate thesis was not easy. Defense of doctoral thesis at Oxford is closed to the public. Besides candidate, only two examiners are present that are determine by the university on the proposal of student mentor. One of the examiners is a professor at Oxford University who is a specialist in the given area, and the other is scientist outside the Oxford who is a world authority regarding the issue of the thesis.

“As someone who is at the same time bounded with B&H and someone who is very far from it, I hope that my research will help others who are maybe even more affected by the war in B&H once it is published in the near future, to better understand the time, people and events that determined the lives of all of us,” said Jungic.

Jungic stated that war in B&H is clearly linked to the disintegration of Yugoslavia. The efforts of the state leadership in Serbia to dominate over the former Yugoslavia caused its disintegration, and their desire to keep the control over B&H finally led to the war.

“Many are responsibility for the war, but I would say that the local ruling elites were most responsible for the outbreak, length and brutality of the war,” said Jungic.

I hope that the people of B&H will accept as common knowledge that the period from 1992 to 1995 was deeply tragic for all, but that their future does not have to be determined by events from that time, concluded Jungic.

(Source: fokus.ba)

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