Bosnian created a new Global Social Network

February 17, 2018 8:45 AM

Bosnian Eniz Vukovic (23), a software developer from Gradacac, created “Closenger”, a new great social network that is similar to Facebook.

Eniz has no formal IT education and he created the network voluntarily, without any kind of financial support from the funds or the state.

It might not be so odd if it was not an application that can be compared to Facebook or Instangram, in terms of technical characteristics, for whose creation and maintenance these companies allocate millions of USD, and here we have a volunteer enthusiastic work of a Bosnian who was supported only by a couple of his good friends.

Closenger is the very first social network that was created in the Balkans region and there is one thing that differs from other well-known networks, the so-called nearby. This characteristic means that a user sees posts that are sorted by the distance in relation to him, regardless of the fact whether that someone is or is not his friend, if the post is posted as public. Besides the nearby, which is not the only option that this network offers, there is also tending, following, the possibility for posting multimedia content within the post, etc.,” as announced by BHD INFODESK from Birmingham.

This network, which exists in the Play Store and the App Store for about two months, makes it very easy to get to know everything about events and posts from the environment, and it offers a new concept of easy use of social networks.

At a time when young people are leaving BiH more than ever, this young man found a way to follow his IT dreams and the very least we can do is to support this great Bosnian product with a world-class quality by installing and using this application, as stated from BHD INFODESK.

You can download this app HERE.




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