Bosnian Company Greiner Aerospace produces Seats for Boeing and Airbus

Seats and upholstery of the company Greiner Aerospace from Brankovici near Zepce can be found in airplanes of the largest airlines in the world. They had only one goal when the Greiner Group purchased CarTrim Aircraft in 2007, and that was to increase the production and win the world market.

The director of Greiner Aerospace in BiH and in Austria, Thomas Danner, stated that Greiner is active in packing, furniture, automotive industry, medical technology, science of life and industry of profile extrusion.

He added that he decided to open headquarters in BiH because CarTrim, which they purchased back in 2017, had experienced workers.

“Economy in BiH is one of the main reasons why we opened our headquarters here because you have to be at the place where the economic situation is good for your production, and where you have people who know how to do the job and who are ready to learn more,” said Danner.

Their seats end up in Boeing and Airbus airplanes directly or indirectly through their customers, and they work with more than 900 customers all around the world and cover around 60 % of the market with their products.

Now, this company has more than 200 workers in Brankovici near Zepce, and the company recorded an increase of 10 % of new employments every month. Danner stated that their main goal is to expand their production and increase staff numbers.

“Our goal is to expand with the market, and this complex in Brankovici has a future. We want to expand our business here and use business opportunities worldwide,” stated Danner.

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