Bosnian from Canada left 1 million BAM to Soup Kitchens in BiH

March 20, 2018 11:45 AM

The Canadian, who was born in BiH, left the incredible amount of 1 million BAM to three soup kitchens in BiH in a testament after his death.

This was confirmed by Zilha Seta, who is better known as Aunt Zilha from the soup kitchen Old Town in Sarajevo.

“It is true, and the amount of one million BAM was already divided into three parts. We already received 270,000 BAM on our account,” said Zilha.

A man, who is originally from a settlement near Rogatica, decided to do this back in 2008, and responsible people from the three aforementioned soup kitchens submitted the documents then.

“There was a preceding, and his relatives disputed his will. The verdict was pronounced on December 29, and everything turned out as he wanted,” said Aunt Zilha, and added that he wanted for the money to end in Bosnia because he visited the soup kitchens on Bascarsija often, and he used to have a cup of coffee with the staff.

“Those things meant something to him, as well as to us,” noted Aunt Zilha.

“His condition was that the money is spent exclusively for food, and our obligation was to publish it in newspapers here in BiH and in Canada.”

The users of the three soup kitchens already felt benefits from this generous donation.

“We’ve already secured milk for a year, and we also increased the quantity of meat and added some oil, sugar and coffee.”

At the end, Aunt Zilha said that when she submitted the documentation for the testament 10 years ago, it never even occurred to her that this would actually happen one day.

(Source: N1)



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