Bosnian Border Police seizes over 55 Kilograms of Marijuana

At the Gradiska border crossing at the exit from Bosnia and Herzegovina, the smuggling of 55.4 kilograms of marijuana detected in a truck with Montenegrin license plates was prevented, the Border Police stated in a press release on Saturday.

The drug was discovered last night on the second line of border checks during a detailed border control of a Fiat Ducato truck.

During the inspection, with the use of specialist equipment donated to the Bosnian Border Police by the Government of Germany, police officers noticed several packages covered with transparent foil in the pages of the vehicles covered with wood paneling.

Officers of the Gradiska Border Police Unit arrested the driver, a Montenegrin citizen, and searched the vehicle. After searching the vehicle and weighing it, it was determined that it was about 50 packages with a total weight of 55 kilograms and 402 grams of marijuana was found.

Along with the report on the committed criminal offense of unauthorized drug trafficking, the citizen of Montenegro will be handed over to the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH.

The director of the Border Police, Zoran Galić, said that this action, but also the previous actions of preventing the smuggling of people, drugs and excise goods, is a continuation of activities aimed at detecting and prosecuting smugglers and cutting off organized criminal groups.

“The commitment of the Bosnian Border Police is the permanent protection of the border and the fight against cross-border crime and illegal migration,” said Galic.

(Source, photo: Srna news agency)

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