Bosnian became a successful Artist in the US

The United States (USA) were one of the countries that received a large number of refugees from BiH during the 1990’s.

Lejla Becirovic, who was born in Mostar and now lives in Twin Falls, Idaho, USA, is one of those who succeeded in that far country.

Lejla exhibited her artwork in the Full Moon gallery in Twin Falls recently, and her exhibition was named “Summer Splash”.

“I was born in Mostar back in 1979. I remember that I always wanted to draw, even as a child. I was obsessed with Michelangelo’s paintings even then. During the war in BiH, art was one of the ways to stop thinking about everything that was happening around me. I came to the US back in 1994. However, all of my drawings stayed in BiH. That is the reason why I lost my will to paint,” said Becirevic.

Her desire for painting returned a couple of years ago when she started working with dying people in her professional life.

” I opened Rebel Art Studio last year and I also received the first award in Art and Soul – Oil Paintings Category. I took part in numerous exhibitions, but this was the first time for me to receive an invitation to participate in a gallery. I donated one of my works to the Hospice Show that was organized on June 2, 2018, and that money was donated to dying patients,” said Becirevic.

“I never stop learning. I painted a lot of our Bosnian objects, such as the Old Bridge in Mostar and the Cathedral in Sarajevo,” said Lejla.

She added that she misses BiH and she misses our customs and her relatives who stayed in BiH.

” I feel accepted here in America and I have many American friends who are curious and I am teaching them about my homeland. My experience here in the United States tells me that most Americans accepted us from Bosnia,” concluded Lejla Becirevic.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)


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