Bosnian Artist Alisa Teletovic performed in front of Audience in Abu Dhabi


A unique artistic performance was held at the Abu Dhabi Gallery this week, featuring Bosnian artist Alisa Teletovic, Fena news agency reports.

At the invitation of the One Piece Concept store, owned by Emina and Naid Dzenanovic, in collaboration with the oldest gallery institution in Abu Dhabi ‘Etihad modern art gallery’, Alisa Teletovic presented herself by painting directly in front of an audience.

In a thirty-minute performance, this Bosnian artist painted a piece called ‘Abu Dhabi Sun (Hello from Bosnia and Herzegovina)’, in acrylic painting on canvas, measuring 300 x 120 centimeters.

Painter Alisa Teletovic says that the biggest challenge for her was how to paint the canvas in a relatively short time (half an hour), since it was about painting directly in front of an audience.

“I didn’t want the show to last too long. So I worked out the concept well before, painted some test images. It was necessary to define the composition, practice the moves, determine the colors. The end result aroused the delight of the audience. To immerse yourself in such an experience brings happiness and satisfaction,” she stated.

The event was organized as part of the ‘Explore Bosnia and Herzegovina’ exhibition at the Etihad Gallery, featuring works by 12 BiH artists.

The exhibition lasted from January 25 until today, March 7.



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