Bosnian Amna Basic became the World Junior Champion!

The team of hairstylists from BiH achieved great historic success and won one gold and bronze medal for the first time at the world’s biggest beauty event of the year, OMC World Cup Hairworld Paris 2018, which was finalized yesterday in the City of Light.

In the competition of 50 countries and 1,500 most talented hairdressers from all over the world who were testing their creativity, skills, and ability to work under extreme pressure in 37 different categories in Paris, the team of BiH won the third place in overall placement and Amna Basic from Sarajevo became the world junior champion in the category “Prestige Bridal Style”.

Selma Rakovac from Tuzla also competed in the same category and won the fifth place, and Haris Alagic and Ismar Salkic also competed in the same category and they won the third place as a team. Besides the aforementioned competitors, Adisa Ahmetovic and Mahmut Spahic competed as well, and they achieved some remarkable results.

“I am very proud of the team that represented our country in a very great way. Our Amna Basic writes the history of BiH. I also have to mention our Dragan Draganic and Meliha Cerimovic, who were part of the jury at the World Championship in Paris. This is a great award for all of us contestants, parents, coaches, their masters and clubs, and the Union of Hairstylists in BiH,” said Stipe Filipovic, the President of the Union of Hairstylists of BiH.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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