Bosnian about the Life in Buckingham Palace: I was part of the Royal Family

Former model and television host from Tuzla, Diana Becirevic, was in a relationship with British nobleman Sir Michael for several years, which is why she also received the title of a lady.

She is one of the few people from this region who stayed at Buckingham Palace.

Among her partners were Al Pacino, Zdravko Colic and Goran Bregovic. While she was working as a Special Rapporteur from the Vatican, she was so close to Pope Benedict that he decided to give her a ride on a Vespa. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Rod Steward were in love with her, but her heart was stolen by handsome British nobleman Michael. She moved to London and became part of the aristocracy.

“He was Sir, and Sir is the title given by the Queen. Therefore, his wife is automatically a lady. That was my title for four years,” said Diana from Tuzla.

The biggest problem for her was the fact that everyone in the presence of the queen must eat what Elizabeth is eating.

“Their specialty was always lamb with menthol jam and that would spoil the whole lamb for me. I am provincial who loves to eat salty food with salty food and sweet food with sweet food,” said Diana who used to be great friends with Princess Diana.

Today, she lives in Los Angeles under the name of Diana Niven. She is working as a journalist, and her biography will be published soon.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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