Bosniaks living in American St. Louis made a Memorial in the Form of a Srebrenica Flower


Bosniaks living in American St. Louis made a memorial in the form of a Srebrenica flower in front of the Islamic Center “Jemat Nur”.

The construction of the symbol of the most horrific crime in the history of humanity after the Second World War – the Srebrenica genocide – was funded by believers originally from BiH.

Work began in August this year and ended a few days ago.

A sidewalk was also paved around the Srebrenica Flower, with grass between the two benches.  In this way, the Bosniaks wanted to signal that the Srebrenica genocide should never be forgotten and that the victim should not only be remembered on the 11th day of July.

The flower is also a reminder that this crime should never be repeated again. The Jamat Nur Islamic Center is the youngest Bosniak Jamat in Saint Louis and part of the Islamic Community of Bosniaks in the United States (IABNA) and the Islamic Community of North America (ISNA).

It started operating in April 2010, Vijesti.ba news portal reports.



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