Bosnia participates in the largest Air Traffic Controller Training Project

The largest air traffic controller training project in the history of Europe, implemented in six countries (Czech Republic, Croatia, Finland, Serbia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina), has been successfully completed, and as a result, BiH Air Navigation Services Agency (BHANSA) has a complete generation of 53 new controllers today, thus improving the efficiency and flow of BiH air traffic.

In 2014, BHANSA announced a public competition for scholarships and professional training of candidates for air traffic controllers. This announcement caused a huge public interest and a total of 2,215 candidates applied. After the public procurement and selection procedure in 2017, BHANSA and ANS from the Czech Republic, i.e. their Training Center CANI (Czech Air Navigation Institute), signed the Contract on procurement of professional training services for 69 candidates for new generation of air traffic controllers in the airspace of BiH.

The training of air traffic controllers, without taking into account the selection process, lasts on average two years and is carried out in accordance with rigorous international standards and regulations.

“Many thanks to ANS CR and CANI because without their professional approach and many years of experience in training, it would be impossible to implement this project. Good communication, synergy and good organization between ANSP and regulators of 6 European countries resulted in the achieved success. We hope that better times are ahead of us, given the fact that the air transport industry is going through the worst crisis since its inception, and that we will come out of all this even stronger, and enjoy the success of joint projects in the future,” said BHANSA Director Davorin Primorac.

ANS CR Executive Director Jan Klas also points out that this is an extraordinary international success.

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