Bosnia lifts the Ban on Movement of Persons below 18 and over 65 Years!


Federal Civil Protection Staff Crisis Team has decided not to extend the deadline for the application of orders prohibiting the movement of persons over 65 and under the age of 18 in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina so that as of today, they can move without restrictions in compliance with the prescribed hygienic and epidemiological measures.

Among the measures that have been extended until May 30 this year, is the order banning all public gatherings in the Federation of BiH in accordance with the regulations on public gatherings, with the addition of item 1 of this order, which allows public gatherings in indoor spaces with the provision of 10 m2 per person and compliance with epidemiological measures.

The previous order which temporarily suspended the operation of cinemas, museums, theatres, concert halls, art galleries, public swimming pools and baths, sports and recreation centers, etc., is no longer in force and has been replaced by a new order that will apply until May 30 this year, with a temporary suspension of services for public swimming pools and baths still remaining in force.

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