Bosnia and Herzegovina records Increase in Exports in almost all Sectors


Within the joint project of USAID and the Government of Sweden “Market Agriculture Development Project II” (FARMA II) and in cooperation with the Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina, analyzes of foreign trade in the sector of dairy, poultry, fruits and vegetables, medicinal plants, forest fruits and honey in BiH for the period from 2015-2019.

The Analysis of Foreign Trade in the Dairy Sector (2015-2019) emphasizes the increase of 20% in exports of milk and dairy products in 2019 compared to 2018, mostly to CEFTA countries (Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania) and Croatia, according to eKapija business portal.

In 2019, in addition to milk and sour cream, there was also an increase in exports of fermented products, especially yogurt. The analysis of foreign trade for the poultry sector (2015-2019) shows that this sector still records a surplus that in 2019 amounted to 9 million BAM.

Exports increased to three regional markets (Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro), and in the last quarter of 2019, exports to Croatia began. Exports from the fruit and vegetable sector increased slightly in 2019 by 7.4 million BAM compared to the previous year, concludes the Analysis of Foreign trade for the fruit and vegetable sector (2015-2019), with the five most competitive products, which include frozen raspberries, fresh pears, apples, gherkins and plums.

Germany is the first export market with a total realized export of 31 million BAM, and with a surplus of 23 million BAM.

The continuation of excellent results in 2019 is emphasized in the Analysis of foreign trade for the sector of medicinal plants, forest fruits and honey in BiH (2015-2019) with the coverage of imports by exports of 246%.  Exports were realized in 46 markets worldwide, mostly to the EU (83%).

This sector is dominated by mushrooms, and the main markets are the countries of Western Europe.



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