Bosnia and Herzegovina has ordered Expulsion Measures for 46 Migrants

The Service for Foreigner Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina is carrying out intensified activities of control and movement of foreigners in order to prevent illegal migration, and these activities led to the discovery of a person posing a threat in the past week, who was located by officers of the Service for Foreigners.

This is a citizen of Montenegro, of R.V. initials, who was expelled by the Service for Foreigners with a ban on entry and stay in the territory of BiH for a period of three years, because the person poses a threat to public order and security of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Avaz news portal reports.

The citizen of Montenegro was ordered to be placed under the supervision of accommodation in the Immigration Center, and the person was removed from the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

These activities resulted in the imposition of expulsion measures for 46 migrants, seven of them because they were caught crossing the border illegally, and the rest because they were staying illegally on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

One number of migrants were placed under supervision measures in the Immigration Center, while the others were given a milder measure of restraint by restricting their movement to a certain place.

It is important to emphasize, as it was stated, that out of a total of 46 migrants who were expelled, only four have proof of identity, they are citizens of Turkey, while the rest are persons without identification documents, and according to their own statements they are citizens Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

For persons who do not have proof of identity, the Service for Foreigners has initiated the procedure of establishing identity through the competent authorities in order to remove the persons concerned from the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The subject of the work of the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs from the beginning of the year until today was a total of 10,277 persons, and 674 expulsion measures were imposed. In the past week alone, 586 people were the subject of work.

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