Bosnalijek Will Enter New Phase of Strengthening Its Position in Russian Market

bosnalijeklogoBosnalijek d.d. welcomes the announcement of the creation of alliances, in terms of a vertically integrated concept, between new Bosnalijek distributors of the Russian company Imperia-Pharma and the investment company Haden SA from Luxembourg, Bosnalijek’s biggest individual shareholder.

For Bosnalijek, whose significant proportion of sales are established on the Russian market, this information represents encouragement and is a new chance for further growth and the strengthening of the market position of this potent and significant market. In this way, for the first time a B&H company receives exclusive access to retail sales in the growing and demanding market of the Russian Federation, announced Bosnalijek.

The aim of this strategic alliance is the organization and coordination of joint management of network pharmacies and pharmaceutical products whose drugs are sold in Russia.

(Source: Fena)

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