Borders of BiH are among the oldest in Europe

February 15, 2018 8:00 AM

The latest research showed once again that the borders of BiH are among the oldest in Europe and that they are far older than borders of neighbouring countries, which always had aspirations to occupy the territory of BiH.

Namely, the research of one of the users of Reddit, whose nickname is PisseGur82, showed that the borders of BiH and Croatia were defined back in 1683 and 1699, while the borders of Serbia were defined back in 1913.

Moreover, our neighbouring countries established their borders much later, 150 or 200 years later to be exact, which shows that BiH is one of the oldest countries in Europe with recognized borders.

Also, it was emphasized that the oldest border in the world is the border of Andorra with France and Spain, which is 120 kilometers long, and it was defined on September 8, 1278, while the youngest established border was defined back in 2009 between Sudan and the South Sudan.

According to this map, BiH belongs to the second group of borders that were defined between the year 1,500 and 1,699, and it is interesting that only 2,1 % of the world borders is in this group, with a total length of 5,463 kilometers.

Renown historian and a professor at the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Sarajevo, Enver Imamovic, confirmed this and noted that BiH has a thousand-year long tradition of borders, which is really rare in Europe.

He also stated that these borders were preserved throughout turbulent periods of history in Europe, when numerous countries were destroyed, and BiH preserved its borders until the Middle Ages.

“It was predestined for the early Middle Age Bosnia to get the borders defined by the natural objects. Therefore, Una, Sava and Drina rivers, and the sea in the south, with some smaller shifts and changes,” said Imamovic.

He also recalled the period of Ottoman rule in these region, as well as the reign of the first Bosnian king Tvrtko I Kotromanic, when the borders of BiH were the largest, in different historical periods.




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