Border Police of Bosnia and Herzegovina prevented 183 Migrants from crossing the Border illegally

The Border Police of Border Police prevented 183 migrants from crossing the border illegally at four border crossings, confirmed the advisor to the director of this police agency, Svevlad Hoffman for Avaz.

During the last night, the migrants tried to cross the border through the crossings Izacic, Strmica, Hum and Trebinje.

Most of them tried to enter Croatia illegally at the Izacic border crossing, and 172 people, 150 Pakistanis and 22 from Afghanistan were prevented from doing so.

Hoffman said that eight citizens of Bangladesh also tried to cross into Croatia at the Strmica border crossing.

At the Hum crossing, the border police prevented one person from Montenegro from entering BiH, as well as two migrants who tried to enter BiH illegally at the Trebinje border crossing. Their identity has not yet been established.

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