Which Border Crossings to use when going on Holiday?

BC DoljaniAccording to the Border Police of BiH, the frequency of vehicles that are exiting from BiH is increased. The biggest crowds are at the exits to Croatia. A large number of citizens of BiH are traveling to sea over the weekend.

From the Border Police of BiH stated that retention period at the border crossing Doljani at the exit of our country is up to 2 hours, at BC Gabela Polje, Izacic, Prisika and Ivanic up to 1 hour, and at BC Bijaca and Kamensko retentions are 30-40 minutes long.

Longest retentions at the north of BiH were recorded at BC Bosanska Gradiska, from 30 to 40 minutes. On the other border crossings retention time is up to 30 minutes.


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