How Bono Vox talked about BiH at the Concert in SAD?

bonoThe popular Irish singer Bono Vox held a concert in New Jersey with his U2 band, where he indirectly mocked the President of the US Donald Trump and his ban on entering the United States for Muslims from some countries.

This concert was held at the crowded MetLife Stadium, and Bono managed to make a connection between BiH and Syria by recalling on horrors of war and suffering of the civilians in these two countries.

Before he performed the song “Miss Sarajevo”, Bono and his group showed a video on the big screen in which the fifteen-year-old girl from Syria spoke to the crowd.

“I would like to come to America one day, it is a very beautiful country. Everyone there has a chance for happiness. It is a civilized country. It is a dream country,” said the girl.

Bono and his group U2 are well-known for their social and political activism in the world, and this event did not surprise their fans at all, as reported by the US media.

The famous singer and his group are currently on the tour “The Joshua Tree”, with which they are marking 30 years since the release of that album.

(Source: fokus.ba)

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