Boban Marković Orchestra Performed Last Night

markovicAt the 9th Sarajevo Music Stage, which is being held at the same time as the Sarajevo Film Festival, the trumpeters Boban and Marko Marković performed, accompanied by Boban Marković Orchestra.

Since their last performance in Sarajevo, they have released two albums, and have introduced a lot of innovations to the band.

In front of the audience, father and son Marković performed a series of new songs and had a lively performance on stage. The public tirelessly danced to the rhythm of the songs.

Boban Marković Orchestra was founded in south Serbia, and for a long time holds the title of the ‘leading brass band in Serbia’.

After the Boban Marković Orchestra, Partibrejkers and Darkwood Dub will perform at the Sarajevo Music Stage tonight.

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