Bob Stewart: Genocide in Srebrenica as a Big Stain on the Conscience of International Community

December 3, 2014 1:45 PM

bob stewartMembers of the British Parliament, led by the former Commander of the United Nations in Bosnia and Herzegovina Colonel Bob Stewart, visited the Potočari Memorial Center, where they paid tribute to the victims of the genocide in Srebrenica.

The visit was realized in the framework of the Lessons of Srebrenica, in order to recognize and learn the lessons from the genocide that happened in Srebrenica.

On this occasion, members of the British parliament met with representatives of Srebrenica associations.

Stewart pointed out that in 1993 he was in Srebrenica where he led a contingent of UN soldiers, and said that Srebrenica is a big stain on the conscience of the international community.

“I was in Srebrenica in April 1993. I led British soldiers who entered Srebrenica. We transferred about two thousand people with helicopters and trucks from Srebrenica to Tuzla. Then I was ordered to withdraw. I was not in Srebrenica in 1995,” said Stewart.

He stressed that he came to Srebrenica today to remember the people “that we should have saved.”

We should have saved them all and it is the responsibility of the international community. This is a big mistake and a stain on the conscience of the international community.

The people who did this, many of them are still alive and all those who killed innocent civilians are war criminals. Justice has to come for them, on this or on the other side,” underlined Stewart.

President of the “Mothers of Srebrenica” association Hatidža Mehmedović said that such visits mean a lot to the victims, and that all well-intentioned people who fight for justice and truth are welcome to Potočari.



(Source: Fena)


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