Blood, Rescue and Helicopters: This is how the NATO demonstrative Exercise looked like

A solemn ceremony in Tuzla today officially opened a multi-day field civilian NATO exercise “Bosnia and Herzegovina 2017” for crisis management, which gathered around 1,200 participants from 34 countries.

“We have invested maximum efforts because we want to show that as a local environment and as the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina we are ready to respond to this challenge,” said the mayor of Tuzla Jasmin Imamovic at the opening of the civilian NATO.

“For all of BiH, this is the path of Euroatlantic integrations, and of course it is a great honor Tuzla to be the host,” Imamović said.

More than 1,300 participants from 34 countries in the coming days will work on simulating floods and strong earthquakes, the collapse of buildings, as well as traffic accidents on land and in the water.

“We have done a lot, not only the City, but also the Canton government, public companies, public institutions like the Health Center, Civil Protection, the City Red Cross, the fire department. A lot has been done on the campus of the University of Tuzla which is a former barracks,” Imamovic said.

The Federal Civil Protection Administration is participating in the NATO training with about 130 participants, which is about one-tenth of the total number of participants, FUCZ Director Fahrudin Solak noted at the opening ceremony of the exercise in Tuzla.

He said that FUCZ had taken all the necessary steps to establish its camp and that everything was going smoothly, that is, its camp independently functions.

(Source: Fokus.ba/ photo voanews)

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