Blazuj Residents announced Protest, oppose Arrival of Migrants

Residents of the Sarajevo settlement of Blazuj announced a mass protest for today, in order to express dissatisfaction due to the presence of migrants and warn the competent institutions of the poor security situation.

As the president of the Blazuj local community council, Salih Hajdarevic, said, due to the events in Bihac, the citizens are afraid that migrants could come to Blazuj and worsen the already bad security situation.

“At the beginning, we were deceived when they told us that they would place the migrants in Hadzici, and overnight they brought them here so that the people here are terrified and rightly suspect that all migrants from Bihac could come to Blazuj,” Hajdarevic added.

He stated that, according to estimates, there are about 3,000 migrants in Blazuj, but that the authorities and officials do not have accurate records, because migrants are constantly leaving and coming.

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