Blavicki: Cooperation between Members of US and BiH Armed Forces at an enviable Level

On the third day of the “Immediate Response 21” military exercise, members of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the United States Armed Forces transferred material and technical resources from the AFBiH Manjaca training ground to Glamoc training ground in order to practice combat shooting at that location.

“Deployment of forces to the assigned locations was performed successfully. All elements have been secured and preparations have been made for combat shooting at the Glamoc, which will take place in the next three days. Mutual cooperation between members of the BiH Armed Forces and the US Armed Forces is at an enviable level,” said the director of the exercise, Brigadier Slaven Blavicki.

At the same time, infantry exercises continued at the shooting range of the Manjaca training range. In accordance with the tactical procedures, the process of making military decisions has continued in order to organize the next activities, which will be carried out by the Armed Forces of BiH and the US Armed Forces as part of a joint training.

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