Black Bandage over the Eyes of Pope John Paul II in the Centre of Sarajevo


On the bust of Pope John Paul II, unknown persons put a black bandage.  These days, the public focuses on the burning topic of holding a commemoration for the Bleiburg victims, it is easy to conclude that this act had something to do with the announced event in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

According to reporter of Avaz newspapers, the police is also present. It is not known whether this is a performance or a message about how the institutions closed their eyes before the Mass for the victims of Bleiburg.

Except in Bleiburg, a commemoration for the Bleiburg victims will be held on May 16 in Sarajevo and Zagreb.  It was announced this week, followed by numerous negative reactions from citizens, political parties and other public figures.

Political parties, from the Party of Democratic Action, SDP and Nasa Stranka, reacted violently, calling for the cancellation of the Mass.  Also, several organizations have announced protests for May 16 if Mass in the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is still held.


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